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Collaboratively creating an inclusive water and sanitation sector.

Engagement: What do we do and why?

The Women in Water & Sanitation Network (WWSN) addresses gender imbalances in the water and sanitation sector. Traditionally, this sector has been male-dominated, but with efforts like advocacy, mentorship and networking, WWSN can push positive change.

Let's break down some key points of our activites on advocacting for gender equality and mentorship in the sector:

  1. Gender Balance for Success: Gender-balanced workplaces have been shown to enhance creativity, innovation, and overall business success. By promoting gender diversity, organizations can tap into a broader range of perspectives and talents, which can be especially valuable in sectors like water and sanitation, where diverse viewpoints are crucial for effective problem-solving.

  2. Networking and Boundaries: It's important to acknowledge that professional networking often happens within the boundaries of a company or organization. This can sometimes limit opportunities for women to connect with mentors or peers who can help them advance in their careers.

  3. The Role of WWSN: Organizations like the Women in Water & Sanitation Network are vital for providing a platform for women in the sector to connect, share experiences, and support each other. Such networks can help break down the isolation that some female professionals may feel in male-dominated environments.

  4. Mentorship Programs: Mentorship programs tailored to female professionals are indeed one of the top strategies for closing the gender gap in business leadership. Here's why they are important:

  5. Skill Development: Mentors can help mentees develop essential skills, offer guidance on career advancement, and provide insights into navigating the specific challenges women may face in the sector.
  7. Networking: Mentors can introduce mentees to valuable contacts and opportunities, helping them expand their professional networks beyond the confines of their current workplace. And not even being in a mentor-menteeship relation, equal-minded peers are a valuable source of inspiration for career advancement for all of us. Female networking makes us stronger, #SheEmpowers!
  9. Confidence Building: Female professionals may sometimes lack confidence in male-dominated fields. Mentors can provide the encouragement and support needed to overcome imposter syndrome or self-doubt.
  11. Visibility: Mentorship can increase the visibility of women in the sector, showcasing their skills and potential for leadership roles. 
  13. Diversity Benefits: Having more women in leadership positions can help organizations better reflect the diversity of their stakeholders and communities. This can lead to more inclusive and effective decision-making processes.

Gender equality and mentorship programs are essential for promoting diversity and closing the gender gap in sectors like water and sanitation. Organizations like the Women in Water & Sanitation Network are valuable resources for women in the field, and mentorship programs can play a pivotal role in empowering female professionals to reach their full potential and contribute to the sector's success.


We co-convene the 2nd Water Women's Day within the framework of the Stronger Together! workshop series.

Celebrate with us achievements of women in the water and sanitation sector and join peer mentoring in english, french and spanish!

26 September 2023
9:00-18:00 CEST

After our successful women’s day in March, we are excited to invite you to our upcoming Water Women’s Day (virtual) on Tuesday, September 26. This special event is dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievements of women in the water and sanitation sector and fostering a sense of community and empowerment among us all. Join us for a day filled with great discussions, inspiring stories, career tips, and valuable networking opportunities. It's a chance to connect with like-minded women, share experiences, and gain fresh perspectives on how we can collectively attract more women to join and build careers in the water and sanitation sector.

Please register and mark your calendars for September 26th, stay tuned for further details on this empowering event!


2nd Water Women´s Day - Stronger Together

Session 1: Advance your career through engaging learning opportunities! (register here)
Session 2: Peer mentoring (English)! (register here)
Session 3: Meet women sanitation champions! (register here)
Session 4: Session de mentorat (Français)! (register here)
Session 5: Mentoría entre pares (español) ! (register here)

The event is hosted by SuSanA in collaboration with
  • Women in Water & Sanitation Network
  • Community of Women in Water
  • African Women Sanitation Professionals Network
  • SIWI’s Women in Water Diplomacy Network in the Nile and Central Asia & Afghanistan
  • African Water and Sanitation Association
  • Rural Water Supply Network
  • Women for Water Partnership
  • Skat Foundation
  • Indian Institute for Human Settlements
  • IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
We the Women of WWSN

We the Women of WWSN

Do you want to set the agenda for women´'s empowerment in the sector nationally, regionally, and internationally? Do you want to shape the future of this network?
Do you want to engage with women from around the globe and create an impact on the achievement of SDG 5+6+8+17 ... and all the Sustainable Development Goals?

We invite you to become a WWSN member and, if you like, to engage in one of our working groups. 
Join Us!
Speaking up for women working in the WASH sector with our WWSN working groups

What do we wo and why? Read more ...

Setting up our mentor-mentee-ship programme.
Communications & Advocacy: 
Branding, messaging, and development of our communication material.
Design and implement the strategy of enrolling and engaging members.
• Events:
Develop and design events for our membership engagement.
Guide WWSN´ s strategy on outreach events  - participation of the network in international conferences, congresses, fora and events.
Raising the funds we need to do this great work. 



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